Work We Do

Funds can be sought from Sagarmala Development Company for implementation of projects that are aligned to the objectives of Sagarmala Programme:

1. Port Modernization: Improvement of infrastructure at existing ports to augment capacity and improvement efficiencies and development of new ports

2. Port Connectivity: Enhancement of connectivity to Indian ports through improved infrastructure of roads and rails, Development of inland waterways, pipelines and multi-modal logistics hubs

3. Port-led Industrialization: Setting up of industrial clusters and manufacturing facilities in proximity to the ports to reduce EXIM costs and generate employment

Coastal Community Development: For improving the livelihood of community along the coastlines initiatives including skill development, development of fishing harbors and promoting coastal tourism. Project proponents that want to submit proposal for financial assistance by SDCL, may be required to provide project documents (Detailed Project Report) with financial analysis duly approved by the competent appraising and administrative authorities. The equity contribution from SDCL in any project SPV will be decided based on the project DPR and financial due diligence and will generally not exceed 49 % of the project equity. Detailed Project Report of the project should contain the information mentioned in the Generic Structure as discussed in the funding guideline

4. Project proponents that want to submit the proposal for financial assistance by SDCL, may do so With a view to achieve the objective of promoting port-led economic development, optimizing the use of existing and future port capacity, port connectivity and evacuation assets and developing new linkages for transport (including road, rail, inland waterways and coastal routes), setting up of multi-modal logistics hubs, and promoting the establishment of industries and manufacturing centres to be served by the ports for EXIM and domestic trade, the Sagarmala Development Company Limited provides financial assistance for the implementation of the projects. SDCL can fund projects through equity participation in SPVs, project development fund and management of Community Development Fund (CDF).

Key project categories for investment

For accessing the guidelines for obtaining the financial assistance from SDCL

a. Port modernization and efficiency improvement: Development of green field ports, green port initiatives, and initiatives linked to port capacity enhancement / efficiency improvement

b. Port capacity enhancement: Construction of road / rail connectivity to port, development of inland waterway connectivity, multi-modal logistics parks and warehousing, and other connectivity initiatives linked to reducing total logistics costs for coastal / EXIM shipping

c. Other initiatives: Development initiatives to promote port-led industrialization, ship building/ repair/ maintenance facilities, and initiatives for promoting skill development and coastal tourism in the key coastal districts of the country..