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up Parent Directory 29-Nov-2021 11:17 - unknown 1. Clarifications-Corrigendum-Amendments RMQC 2020 01.03.2021 (2).pdf 01-Mar-2021 16:11 1592k [IMG] 1.jpg 04-Jan-2020 10:32 392k unknown 100.pdf 25-Aug-2020 12:56 136k unknown 111.pdf 07-Sep-2020 08:30 1216k unknown 114.pdf 22-Oct-2019 05:42 172k unknown 120.pdf 16-Jun-2021 05:15 220k unknown 175.pdf 04-Feb-2020 14:27 28k unknown 2. RMQC Hindi version forms - index.pdf 01-Mar-2021 16:11 1008k unknown 2019 05 27 SDCL_DGM_Finance_vF.DOCX 04-Jul-2019 09:27 36k unknown 20190527SDCL_DGM_Finance_vF.pdf 04-Jul-2019 09:56 180k unknown 20190529SDCL_Consultant_Traffic_vF.pdf 05-Jul-2019 05:43 176k unknown 2020-21NIQ for Internal Auditors (1).pdf 23-Oct-2020 15:52 200k unknown 2nd Notice of Extention RMQC.pdf 23-Nov-2020 04:50 408k unknown 3. Schedule 19 and Schedule 20.pdf 01-Mar-2021 16:11 484k [IMG] 3.jpg 02-Aug-2019 08:12 1148k [CMP] 4.OFAC 01-Mar-2021 16:11 428k unknown 427.pdf 11-Mar-2021 12:11 240k unknown 455.pdf 10-Sep-2021 18:08 100k unknown 458.pdf 10-Sep-2021 18:09 164k unknown 461.pdf 14-Sep-2021 12:42 196k unknown 462.pdf 15-Sep-2021 08:47 328k unknown 463.pdf 15-Sep-2021 08:50 140k unknown 476.pdf 21-Sep-2021 13:11 120k unknown 47632322058-11.pdf 06-May-2019 13:21 68k unknown 539.pdf 18-Oct-2021 13:03 108k unknown 583.pdf 29-Nov-2021 11:17 128k [IMG] 5df34524e8c83d2e52029c0438651370.jpg 04-Jan-2020 10:37 16k unknown 6. Approved LOM list.pdf 01-Mar-2021 16:11 396k unknown 64.pdf 27-Aug-2019 07:33 116k unknown 82.pdf 27-Aug-2019 07:34 116k [IMG] AVP.png 02-Mar-2021 18:59 296k unknown Approved NIT for selection of Agency for Providing Manpower on Outsourced Bas... 12-Jan-2021 14:11 352k unknown CamScanner 03-15-2021 08.38.44_1.pdf 15-Mar-2021 18:21 356k unknown Corrigendum I_Tender for selection of Agency for providing Manpower on the ou... 12-Aug-2020 19:45 44k unknown Corrigendum-1.pdf 05-Jul-2021 18:01 132k unknown Corrigendum-2.pdf 05-Jul-2021 18:06 116k unknown Corrigendum-3.pdf 05-Jul-2021 18:07 112k unknown Corrigendum-I (1) (1).pdf 03-Dec-2020 04:28 144k unknown Corrigendum-I (1).pdf 21-Oct-2020 18:13 172k unknown Corrigendum-I.pdf 20-Dec-2019 10:27 440k unknown Corrigendum-II.pdf 20-Dec-2019 10:28 116k unknown Corrigendum-III.pdf 18-Nov-2021 06:36 116k unknown Corrigendum-I_Selection of Consultant for Detailed Study and Execution of Pi... 21-Aug-2020 06:40 912k unknown Director (Finance).pdf 06-May-2019 13:21 240k unknown Draft RFP (1).pdf 15-Sep-2021 08:50 568k unknown EOI Final.pdf 16-Dec-2020 14:59 452k unknown EoI for Sagarmala Seaplane Services (SSPS) (1).pdf 31-Dec-2020 11:51 500k unknown EoI_MWRTS.pdf 29-Jul-2020 16:13 1172k unknown EoI_Mobile_App.pdf 29-Jul-2020 16:27 1252k unknown Extension RMQC tender 01.06.2021.pdf 02-Jun-2021 14:55 388k unknown Extension RMQC tender 02.09.2021.pdf 04-Sep-2021 01:54 388k unknown Extension RMQC tender 03.08.2021.pdf 04-Aug-2021 08:48 392k unknown Extension RMQC tender 04.10.2021.pdf 06-Oct-2021 07:41 412k unknown Extension RMQC tender 16.06.2021.pdf 16-Jun-2021 16:16 392k unknown Extension RMQC tender 17.09.2021.pdf 18-Sep-2021 08:51 436k unknown Extension RMQC tender 18.08.2021.pdf 19-Aug-2021 07:38 384k unknown Extension RMQC tender 30042021.pdf 04-May-2021 16:27 412k unknown Extension RMQC tender.pdf 01-Apr-2021 09:58 392k unknown Extension of RMQC 19072021.pdf 20-Jul-2021 10:37 128k unknown Extension of RMQC tender 010721.pdf 01-Jul-2021 16:26 132k [IMG] FB.png 02-Mar-2021 20:13 236k unknown FINANCIAL BID NIT-05A.pdf 08-Dec-2020 04:43 500k unknown Ficci Event Brochure 1.pdf 23-Feb-2021 09:49 3108k unknown Final RFP_Guwahati_Water_Taxi.pdf 02-Nov-2021 07:26 444k unknown Financial Advisors.pdf 06-May-2019 13:21 328k unknown IN000006.pdf 06-May-2019 13:21 420k unknown IPGL Properiety Audit Tender.pdf 02-Apr-2021 06:38 892k unknown Incorporation of Sagarmala Development Company.pdf 06-May-2019 13:21 256k unknown Invoice-114603.pdf 06-May-2019 13:21 20k unknown Kakinada Corrigendum.pdf 06-May-2019 13:21 552k unknown Legal Advisors.pdf 06-May-2019 13:21 304k unknown Limited NIQ for Car Hire.pdf 25-Sep-2020 05:23 1112k unknown Limited Notice Inviting Quotations for Hiring of Official Cars.pdf 23-Sep-2020 06:51 1140k unknown Limited Quotation Notice inviting from PCS.pdf 16-Jan-2020 06:55 288k unknown Limited Quotation Notice inviting from PCS_2021 (1).pdf 19-Jan-2021 08:27 228k unknown Limited Quotation from PCS.pdf 15-Jan-2020 17:31 220k unknown List of Empaneled Financial Advisors.pdf 06-May-2019 13:21 416k unknown List of Empaneled Legal Advisors.pdf 06-May-2019 13:21 496k unknown MD SDCL.pdf 06-May-2019 13:21 240k unknown Manpower Supply Tender.pdf 12-Aug-2020 19:45 1316k unknown MorhpoRDServiceUserManual-Windows.pdf 06-May-2019 13:21 420k [IMG] Munafa.png 02-Mar-2021 19:06 164k [IMG] N1.jpg 06-May-2019 13:21 72k [IMG] N3.jpg 06-May-2019 13:21 100k unknown NBT Adv. 5 Dec 2019 (2).pdf 07-Dec-2019 07:21 456k [IMG] NBT Adv.jpg 20-Dec-2019 10:22 980k unknown NIQ for Secretarial Auditors 2019-20.pdf 07-Feb-2020 14:21 572k unknown NIQ for appointment of Internal Auditors for FY 2019-20.pdf 17-Feb-2020 11:02 544k unknown NIQ-PCS (1).pdf 07-Feb-2020 14:23 348k unknown NIQ-PCS.pdf 23-Jan-2020 09:50 288k unknown NIQ_SDCL_14-1-2020 (1).pdf 20-Jan-2020 09:41 628k unknown NIQ_SDCL_14-1-2020.pdf 16-Jan-2020 06:59 628k unknown NIT for website AMC and Creation V11.pdf 10-Sep-2021 18:09 248k unknown Nautice Fake Website.pdf 06-May-2019 13:21 8k unknown NauticeFakeWebsite2.pdf 06-May-2019 13:21 8k unknown Notice of Extension - 04.pdf 27-Jan-2021 09:35 424k unknown Notice of Extension06.pdf 19-Feb-2021 13:52 420k unknown Notice of Extention RMQC 09.02.2021.pdf 12-Feb-2021 10:44 412k unknown Notice of Extention RMQC 15.04.2021.pdf 16-Apr-2021 08:54 392k unknown Notice of extension of due date of submmission for RFPs of Rail Mounted Quay ... 12-Jan-2021 12:06 444k unknown Notice-for-Fake_Sagarmala_Website.pdf 06-May-2019 13:21 64k unknown Notification 2.PDF 06-May-2019 13:21 52k unknown Our Achievements.pdf 23-Dec-2019 20:11 1272k unknown Port engineering has a hugs potential for job creation.pdf 11-Sep-2019 07:40 580k unknown Pre bid meeting IPGLRMQC2020.pdf 09-Sep-2020 10:15 400k unknown Pre-Bid Clarifications.pdf 06-May-2019 13:20 344k unknown Pre-EoI Submission Meeting Notice (1).pdf 01-Sep-2020 19:23 760k unknown Pre-EoI Submission Meeting Notice.pdf 27-Aug-2020 16:53 760k unknown Pre-Proposal Meeting Notice.pdf 21-Aug-2020 06:46 100k unknown QUOTATION FORM SA.pdf 06-May-2019 13:20 172k unknown RFP - IND AS + Accounting-Taxation (1).pdf 20-Dec-2019 10:22 1420k unknown RFP - IND AS + Accounting-Taxation.pdf 20-Dec-2019 07:15 1424k unknown RFP Kakinada.pdf 06-May-2019 13:20 1228k unknown RFP NIT 14.pdf 25-Sep-2021 06:25 732k unknown RFP NIT No 11 22.06.2021.pdf 05-Jul-2021 18:09 328k unknown RFP.pdf 28-Nov-2020 10:13 744k unknown RMQC extension 2020.pdf 30-Sep-2020 05:29 432k unknown RMQC_2020_Tender_Vol-I___Vol_-_II_IPGL_31082020.pdf 31-Aug-2020 17:24 3436k unknown RPF Jdarpret.pdf 06-May-2019 13:20 604k unknown Reference to advertisement No. SDCLHRADV2018-1955 List of shortlisted candid... 29-Dec-2020 17:31 112k unknown Register on following link for.pdf 19-Feb-2021 14:29 168k unknown Replies to Pre-proposal Queries_Selection of Consultant for Detailed Study a... 21-Aug-2020 06:47 1156k unknown Replies to Queries (1).pdf 03-Dec-2020 04:28 252k unknown Replies to Queries.pdf 21-Oct-2020 18:13 188k unknown Request for Proposal (RFP) for Appointment of Consultant for Preparation of A... 28-May-2021 10:54 840k unknown Request for Proposal_CCPunibtemp.pdf 20-Aug-2020 15:21 1144k unknown Response to Pre-bid queries.pdf 20-Dec-2019 10:27 568k unknown SDCL INKS PACTS FOR MARITIME PROJECTS.pdf 02-Mar-2021 19:13 132k unknown SDCLRFP (1).pdf 10-Oct-2020 05:53 1008k unknown SDCL_NIT_20-21_07.pdf 23-Dec-2020 14:53 276k unknown SDCL_NIT_2021-22_15.pdf 22-Oct-2021 07:16 608k unknown Sagarmala_4x4_Egnlish.pdf 28-Nov-2020 10:19 1464k unknown Sagarmala_4x4_Hindi.pdf 28-Nov-2020 10:19 1480k unknown Scan1.PDF 06-May-2019 13:20 52k unknown Sch_of_Qty (1).pdf 20-Jan-2020 09:41 348k unknown Shri Nitin Gadkari.pdf 06-May-2019 13:20 340k [IMG] TET.jpg 02-Mar-2021 18:48 176k unknown ToI Adv. 18-12-2019.pdf 20-Dec-2019 10:35 364k unknown ToI Adv. 5 Dec 2019 (1).pdf 07-Dec-2019 07:21 620k unknown ToI Adv. 5 Dec 2019.pdf 07-Dec-2019 07:19 620k [IMG] ToI Adv1.jpg 20-Dec-2019 07:15 1324k unknown Vacancy Notification of DGM(F).pdf 24-Dec-2019 06:44 408k [IMG] Youtube1.png 02-Mar-2021 20:16 416k unknown chechpdf.pdf 06-May-2019 13:21 276k unknown detailed advert.pdf 04-Jul-2019 05:11 616k unknown domain change amount.docx 06-May-2019 13:21 196k unknown indiashippingnews.pdf 02-Mar-2021 19:21 340k unknown newsmatters.pdf 02-Mar-2021 19:26 144k [IMG] qrcode.png 06-May-2019 13:20 12k unknown services of pcs.docx 06-May-2019 13:20 16k unknown tender cancel.pdf 28-Nov-2020 10:08 360k [IMG] youtube.png 02-Mar-2021 20:06 648k

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